Johnny has been involved in Combat Sports for as long as he can remember. Having his first wrestling tournament at on 5 years old, he hasn't looked back since! Born and raised in the small Midwest town of Woodville Ohio, Johnny started wrestling year round. He was involved in other sports, but wrestling was always his number one priority. For him and his family it was the norm to drive 3 hours one direction to compete in a tournament on Saturday, to get back in the van and travel another 3 hours somewhere else to compete again on Sunday. Johnny went on to wrestle for Woodmore High School, where his father was the head wrestling coach. He was a 3 time state qualifier, and a two time state placer. Finishing his senior year with a record of 51-1, and taking third at the state tournament, he then went on to wrestle for Cleveland State University.

   Wrestling there for a year and a half, he made some decisions he wished he hadn't, and was forced to move back to Northwest Ohio, where he was born and raised. Still living a lifestyle he is now not all too proud of, he took his first amateur fight. After running through 6 opponents as an amateur, Johnny took a break from fighting, after seeing no real future with it. During this break he started to date his soon to be wife Melody, and shortly after found out they were having their first child.

   Johnny then received a phone call that would change his life forever. A promoter that saw him fight as an amateur offered him a fight where he would get paid $200. Looking back now, he laughs about the small amount he used to get to fight. After taking his first fight, he decided this was going to be what he was going to do for a living, taking fights all over the Midwest, sometimes 2 and 3 fights a month. When you're only making a couple hundred dollars a fight, he needed to fight as much as possible with a new family to support. After doing this month after month, Johnny was given the opportunity to move to Texas to be the head trainer of a new gym opening. That is what really jump started his career. Johnny, wife Melody, and son Jayden, moved across the country with no support system, for one purpose, to chase this fight dream. He feels very blessed to have such an amazing supportive wife, who has been through a lot so he could continue being a full time fighter.

   After moving to Texas, he found out what real fighters and real trainers do. Johnny started rattling off wins all over the state and surrounding states. He made a name for himself as a fighter who will fight anyone and at anytime. If you sign the contract to fight him, you're going to earn your paycheck. His never break; constantly put pressure on his opponent's game plan is what catapulted his career forward. After flying out to New Jersey for the first round of tryout for Season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter, Johnny was called back out to Las Vegas for medicals, and more interviews. Johnny was then selected to be part of The Ultimate Fighter, which airs Wednesday, September 21, 2011 on Spike TV.